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Hello, my name is Bianca. In my website you will see all the books I wrote,vote which is your favorite, buy your favorite book, and more!! To see my books I wrote, click on “My Books”

Have fun reading!!

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Buy Your Favorite Book!

Do you have a favorite book from “My Books”      This is how it works…

If I know you- 1 FREE BOOK

If I don’t know you- $1 per book

Takes six weeks to ship in. (:

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My Books

Here are some of my books I wrote! Hope you like them!!  Oh, and pick your favorite and click on “Vote”:

1.10,000B.C- A caveman named Mike land is dying, so he must go across the sea in an forever lasting journey, but will Mike and his tribe all survive?

2. My Sister’s Best Friend-Vanessa’s little sister Louie never has the right friends until Louie found a girl named Ashlee.  But Vanessa hates that girl… what will happened?

3. Alien Trouble- Zoe likes this boy named Chris, until she discovers he’s not human…

4. Koowalie- A strange creature found in a creek by a little girl, they both have a long and happy friendship together…and she names it Kowalie.

5. Cheer - Nicole is in cheerleading and she loves it, but what she doesn’t love is the competition, she will have to compete against the greatest cheer team, but can she do it?

6. Beyond- A NASA worker named Derek goes into space and beyond… but there’s no way of coming back to Earth.

7. Just Hope- A man named Avery is Jewish and see’s friends’s and family getting killed by Hitler. But now it’s his turn to die .

8. A Summer Memory- First my summer was the worst it could be, but ever since I met him, he change my life.

9. The Adventures Of Tracy &Tina- Hop on and find the mysteries and adventures that Tracy and Tina will do. You don’t want to miss!

10. The Year 3,000- A twelve year old girl named Susie and her brother Jake visit make a time machine and go to the year 3,000.

11. Rose’s Haunted Stories- Are you a Goosebumps fan? Well, you’ll love this book. It is even scarier than Goosebumps!

12. Alexia- Read this book about when Alexia was  a child to an adult!

13. Ruby Island-Evon and her parents are sent off to go to Ruby Island to find a ruby, and there’s no turning back!

14. The Killer-When a man was sent to go kill Oliva’s family, Oliva is the only one to surive. But the killer returns to kill her before it’s to late!

15. The Magic Box- Horan finds a box buried in his great grandmothers grave, but he realizes it’s a magical box.

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Tell Me!

Do YOU have an idea of a book you made up?? Tell me and I write it!!

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Do you have a favorite book that I wrote? Well add a comment and tell me, then afterwards go to “Best Book” and see winning book. So read a summary of “My Books” and pick your favorite and VOTE which book sounds interesting!!

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